c.vsmall   C.V. Oreal-President and Founder of Allsouth Renovations, Inc.


Up and above his day to day responsibilities, our President handles the operation of the company; as well as our staff. C.V. hails from Widener University with a degree in business administration. His past talents include being a significant part of the management team at Xerox, and director of sales for Lotus Development, covering territories in the South and Western United States. With a strong work ethic and admirable leadership skills he navigates and propels Allsouth Renovations, Inc. at a higher level of professionalism and as a respected business. CV continues the journey of growing Allsouth Renovations, Inc. by building strong relationships and has accolades from our dedicated clientele.


darryl popesmall   Darryl Pope-Vice President

It has been Darryl’s privilege to be a part of Allsouth Renovations, Inc. from its beginning. His responsibilities encompass support of the technical and structural aspects of any given project; with our staff and clientele. Darryl is also Allsouth Renovations, Inc. qualified agent, as a general contractor, for all state licensing. He holds certifications through ICC and the National Apartment Association as a certified apartment manager and technician. During the 1980’s and early 90’s Darryl worked diligently in both the real estate and apartment industry, to include 17 years of property management. His understanding of what a client will need, want, and expect, is due to having once been in their shoes.  It gives Darryl great satisfaction to give Allsouth Renovations, Inc. customers the service he’d personally anticipate and expect. Darryl is always grateful to our clients for the opportunity to do business with them and build relationships.


mark_small   Mark Brown-Vice President of Operations

Mark oversees all operations of the Mid-Atlantic regions, to include: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware. He began with Allsouth in 2000. Mark holds an associate degree in business management; along with his construction certifications. He comprehends firsthand what a customer should expect and demand; from over 20 years of experience in property management. Working as a field director in technical services Mark was responsible for the capital improvement budgets of over 62 properties in the Southeast. Additionally he has served the Southeastern Affordable Housing Management Association as a speaker, and trainer, for their annual conferences. Likewise, he has also taught classes for the Atlanta Apartment Association. His idealism has served his customers well and he has dedicated himself and work ethic to one simple philosophy: “Focus on a solution- not the problem”. His abilities to see the larger and clearer picture allows him to center his sights on our customers and directly on their projects.


Renee Collins – Office Manager: rcollins@allsouthrenovations.com

Haley Willingham – Marketing: hwillingham@allsouthrenovations.com